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Thursday, April 05, 2007

birds and other wildlife

There's no actual point to today's post, just a cool picture of an osprey nest atop a manatee safety zone sign.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

keep smiling

No, this isn't about NCAA basketball championships....

You ever have a day when you felt like this gator? I could rip someone's head off, but instead I'll smile with all my pointy teeth showing. Like when when I have to cover (again!) for a co-worker who's a total slacker. Or when I go to the gym and the desk person finds my membership has mysteriously disappeared from their computer. Or the fact that it's snowing and two days ago it was sunny and near 80.

Maybe it is about the basketball championship...tip-off was at 9:18 pm, much too late for me.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I am posting a picture from my recent diving experience in Florida. It is even going to have me in the picture since probably the only people reading this are ones I know in real life anyway. This was at a facility that featured three freshwater springs. The good thing about this dive: clear, 72 degree water. The bad things: excessive numbers of teenage kayakers, swimmers and snorkelers competing for a very small recreational area. Overly high admission charges considering the fact that it was a very small area. There was also the option of doing cave diving which I avoided, not wishing to be a dive fatality statistic. Many of the other divers at the site were there specifically for the cave diving. Good luck to them...my motto about overhead environment diving is "don't go there".
I did meet a couple from Finland who came to do dry suit diving (probably the only way one can dive in Finland). They were struggling to get geared up and losing patience with each other. Even though I don't understand Finnish, frustration and irritability seem to be a universal language.