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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

more political commentary

With all the fuss about the picture of Barrack Obama visiting Kenya (OH MY GOD! He might be Muslim!), I thought that in case I ever decide to run for office (yeah, right), I'll give my opposition a head start. Here I am in Ireland (OH MY GOD! She might be Irish!). Just don't tell John McCain that I'm still not voting for him, despite the "Mc" in front of his name I don't automatically pick the candidate that is most like myself without considering his/her position on the issues. Unless there is a over-50 female candidate who is part Irish American, part German American, part Native American, left-handed, and willing to give income tax breaks to aquatic biologists, bicyclists, and owners of pets. That person has my vote.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Extreme Winter

The coldest place on Earth is probably The South Pole. The second coldest place is along Lake Michigan in February. Last weekend, I went Up North to the ole stomping grounds, to do a little cross country skiing, take some pictures, and visit The Reservation. This picture is of a "tourist town" that will be bustling with life during the summer. When this photo was taken, the snow and wind were coming in off Lake Michigan with wind chills well below zero. There were still a few hardy (crazy) people driving around, myself included. Indiana seems almost tropical by comparison.
Yes, that is a big wooden fish on that pole. I think it was supposed to be a Northern Pike, but the snow kept hitting me in the eyes, so I did not notice all the details.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Lately, I've been too uninspired to write. Even at work, where I have external motivation like a boss telling me to wrap up my projects from 2007, the words won't flow. I sit at the computer and cannot even manage to type out routine sentences. It seems like I'm typing the same words over and over: low diversity of aquatic insects, degraded streams, poor habitat, water pollution, yada, yada, yada. So if I can't even manage to complete my work projects in a timely fashion, the blog is in serious trouble. This morning, instead of completing the "Discussion" section of my latest report in which I am supposed to correlate aquatic insect data with environmental disturbances, I tried to think of blog topics. No luck. So today, instead of a Blog About Everything, we have (with a nod to Seinfeld):

A Blog about Nothing.

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