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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the agony of de teeth

It was just a routine dentist visit-nothing to be nervous about. I didn't have any toothache, and had been using Listerine twice a day and brushing even more often than that. My last check-up 6 months ago was perfect and I was following the same routine. I should be out of here in 20 minutes (I thought) and back on my way to Bizarro World for another fun day of work.

The hygenist probed around my gums for about an hour, looking concerned. Then she handed me a brochure about gum disease and said I needed a procedure called "root planing and scaling". Kind of like Roto-Rooter for under my gums. We'll give you Novocaine for the whole side of your mouth, she said. Also, we'll have to do the same thing on the other side at another appointment. We have an appointment available tomorrow!

This is not what I had planned. The story continues tomorrow....

Friday, July 27, 2007

diet time

I hadn't weighed myself for a few months. It seemed like the best plan was that first I would eat right and exercise for a few days/weeks/months, and then weigh myself. Bit one day when I was in a bad mood anyway, I decided to dig the scale out from its storage location. I stepped on it and was immediately in a worse mood. A number more suitable for a baby elephant was displayed. There it was, in a digital read-out to the nearest 0.5 pound.

A few days later, I noticed an ad in the local free newspaper for a "biggest loser" contest. Whoever can lose the most percentage of body fat in 4 months wins $2000. At last, I thought, the answer to my lack of motivation. If improving my health does not get me moving, maybe green folding cash will. Sign me up!

At the wretchedly early hour of 7am one morning, I stepped into a high-tech egg-shaped pod that measures body mass by means of air displacement. That, along with total weight, allows the calculation of percent body fat. Mine was half a point shy of the "obese" range.

So I have to think about "eat less and exercise more". After a week and a half, I'm already sick of veggie subs. Very Veggie bagged salads are my new best friend at lunch. You will find me hanging out in the produce aisle at the grocery store, instead of the freezer (home of ice cream and Tony's pizza). I'm actually happy to wake up in the morning because breakfast is the most important meal of the day (meaning I can eat a litte more), and usually doesn't involve vegetables.

I have until November 17 to see if this works.