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Monday, September 22, 2008

Dinosaur joins the 21st Century

So I finally broke down and bought an MP3 player. Not an iPod, mind you, but something that costs much less. A product that is called a "Sony Walkman" but bears little resemblance to the item of the same name that I owned back in the 1980's. For one thing, the controls are much tinier. Almost invisible for someone of my advanced age. On the plus side, the sound quality is much better. My ears are holding up better than my eyes.

I thought I would never need any of this new-fangled stuff. I've been around long enough that I've purchased some music multiple times on multiple formats-vinyl records, 8-tracks (sorry to admit that), cassette tapes , and CDs. I didn't want to start with anything new. Why the change? Simply put, it's now officially autumn and that means cooler weather and frequent work outs in the gym. The gym where the overhead music system plays the group Creed almost constantly. I heard Creed all last winter. If I have to hear it again this year, I'm going to go crazy. Or crazier.



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