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Monday, June 15, 2009

The eagle has landed

From Eagle creek reservoir Indinapolis. Apparently, they have been nesting for several years here. I didn't know about it until yesterday. Very majestic birds with impressive talons. We were in kayaks only a few yards away. Fortunately, they didn't mistake us for carp. The red-winged black bird sharing the limb with the eagle didn't seem too worried.



Thanks to my loyal readers (both of you). My work situation is at a low point lately. Relationship with my boss is so tense that it is starting to exceed my coping capabilities. Friday morning we had a brief, tense interchange that ended with him leaving the office while extremely angry and me having a mini-breakdown. We haven't spoken since. This morning's staff meeting should be a joy. I am at the stage where I am starting to pack up all my stuff. This is a formidable task because I have accumulated debris from graduate school (both MS and PhD), and almost 11 years of paid employment in 3 different venues.

I remember the lesson I learned in Michigan to not quit before you have another job lined up. It's going to be a challenge.


Monday, June 08, 2009


Unfortunately, it seems that due to my sloth and inattention, I have lost the readers I did have. So now this will be my own journal. Well, it seems like my blogging is in shambles.

Unfortunately, it seems like the biggest shambles is my career. The first thing I should have done differently to facilitate success in the world of aquatic biology was to have accepted a Y chromosome instead of an X. Picking out taller ancestors would have helped, too.

Then I should have started on career path this earlier in life, so I wouldn't have entered the job market in The Middle Ages. The medieval attitude of hiring managers that if you're over 40, you're almost too old to function. You're "over-qualified". (Of course, if you're female and under 40, they don't want you because you might leave to have kids! ) They can't come right out and say all that of course. "We'll let you know" they say. If you're lucky, you get a letter that starts out "Dear Applicant". Usually, you never hear anything at all.

Finally, someone hired me. Everything was great, for awhile. Then, fast forward a few years....

So now, not only am I over forty, I'm over fifty and teetering on the brink of unemployment. Why? Maybe it's the sorry state of the American economy. Maybe it's my sloth and inattention again.