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Monday, August 17, 2009

Indiana State Fair

Childhood memory: At about age 8, I thought I wanted pet chickens. My parents said "no". I still like looking at the fancy birds that probably won't end up as dinner.

Busted for making bad TV ads?

What you feel like after eating State Fair food.

This was a hot air balloon participating in a race. They lifted off at 7 am Saturday morning. Imagine waking up after having a few beverages the night before and seeing this. It would be enough to make you take the sobriety pledge. Or get another drink.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Now I am going to randonly upload photos (by selecting them only by number) from our recent mini-vacation to Michigan. All the excitement of the casino (which we did not go to despite its proximity to our lodging) without that annoying loss of cash.

Cool and foggy morning at Harbor Springs, on Little Traverse Bay. It doesn't warm up there until about 2 pm. This village has its own yacht store.

Sea gull, or more correctly, ring-billed gull.
These are everywhere, even the Meijer parking lot.

Lighthouse at Whitefish Point on Lake Superior. This is near where the Edmund Fitzgerald wrecked in November 1975.

Whitefish Point also is known for birding. I think this is some kind of grosbeak. I forgot to bring the bird book, of course.

What to do when you have forgotten your bird book? Take pictures of all the signs along the nature trail. Note: this didn't help very much.

Tahquamenon River in the state park Tahquamenon Falls. The water is clean, and the scenery is beautiful. It would be a great kayak trip except for the 50 ft waterfall.

And here it is. Yellow coloration of the water is from tannins (plant compounds).
Well, enough photo gambling for today.