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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Depression is not a "lifestyle choice"

I was telling someone yesterday that I had been feeling somewhat down lately. Unexpectedly, this person became quite upset with me, saying he was tired of hearing about my low moods and that whether someone is of a happy or sad disposition is a choice, and not the result of genetics, body chemistry, or earlier experiences. Basically, his argument was that my episodes of feeling low were a "lifestyle choice". Sort of like deciding what color socks to wear each day, I choose what my emotional state will be.

Whenever someone talks about a "lifestyle choice" it is never meant in a positive way. You never hear (in disparaging tones) "yeah, that' s his lifestyle choice to be a law-abiding citizen and have a successful career". It's always said in a critical way if someone is does not meet so-called "approved standards", whether it be for sexual orientation or whatever. But I beg to disagree. Just as people have different sexual orientations for reasons that we don't completely understand yet, people also have different emotional dispositions. Just don't call it a lifestyle choice.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today's random post

I've been pretty much out of inspiration to take pictures or write anything meaningful lately. The weather has been dismal. Not enough snow for skiing, too cold to enjoy outdoor activities, and frequent freezing rain making driving a hassle. So I thought of a remedy: first, pour a drink. Then pull out an old picture CD and randomly upload an image.

Well, that upload wasn't totally random, as the files had labels on them. I have to look at pictures to remember what a good winter day is like. This is Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan. There are miles and miles of wonderful trails available, many with spectacular views of Lake Michigan. There are also hills MUCH bigger than this one. Note to Laurie: this is where I often put to use my downhill ski skill set, including "butt slide" and "face plant".


Thursday, January 08, 2009

My work place attitude resolution for the New Year

Goal: a calm, zen-like state at all times....

Reality: Wanting to rip off some heads


Monday, January 05, 2009

More New Year's improvements

New Year's resolutions and *what they really mean*
1. Lose weight *get weight down to what I didn't want to get up to*
2. Post intelligent blog updates on a regular basis *update often enough so friends don't think I'm dead*
3. Be happy and productive at work *try not to get fired*
4. Keep house clean and organized *clean enough that I don't need to hide when the doorbell rings*
5. Keep mind sharp by learning new languages *watch the Spanish channel to check out the guys*
6. Start making more lists *just like this one*


Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's fitness goals

Photo of me at the beginning of a triathlon last summer.
Well, not exactly, but my goal for this year is to improve my performance from "painfully slow" to "sorta slow". To help me with this goal, I received a heart rate monitor as a Christmas gift. It beeps at me when I am below or above my target range for heart rate. It calculates a target range based on my age. In the past two days, it has beeped a lot. (Note to self: do NOT take this gadget to airport for any reason). I knew my fitness level needed improvement when my heart rate soared 30 beats per minute above my resting rate just from putting on a hooded sweatshirt. I had not even taken a single running step yet.

This is an exercise in self-discipline and self-improvement. Running is the quickest way to improve fitness, but does not come naturally to me. In the winter, it's too cold and I would rather be in the gym lifting weights. If there is snow, I need to be out cross-country skiing. Spring is a good time to bring out the in-line skates. In the summer, it's too hot and I would rather be riding my bike. In the fall, I would rather squeeze in one last kayaking session or bike ride. I can't figure out why the running portion of triathlons are so difficult for me.

Today is day 3 of the new, improved version of me. It's kind of cold and windy outside. Maybe it's time to head back to the gym and lift weights while dawdling between sets, listening to the MP3 player.

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