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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's goal setting

It's that time of year again, the time to admit I might not be perfect. Time to set goals for improvement. So, here goes...

1. Tomorrow, I will resume keeping a food journal. I took "a day off" from journaling when I was stressed out about house renovations in-progress. That was in early November. Then there was stress from Thanksgiving, Christmas, work, and a couple of trips to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Mysteriously, my weight loss stalled about the same time the food journal hit the skids.

2. Starting Wed., I'll try to have a better attitude about work. I'm not sure how to implement this one. I've tried various methods in the past: deep breathing, relaxing music, positive thoughts, ect as I drive to the office. Then I arrive and the same frustrations hit me in the face. I still end up pissed off by the end of the day. Tomorrow I have the day off so I have an extra 24 hrs. to work out the details.

3. Get my life organized (see blog about having a clear-out). Ideally, I wouldn't have to run to the store to buy something of which I already have multiples but can't find. Or have to tear apart the house to find some vital document. Maybe I should start with one of those junk-drawer organizers. Except my whole life is one big junk drawer.

4. Make this blog about something of world-wide significance. Ok, now that's just dreaming.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow news is good news

During winter, my thoughts are dominated by: 1. When will the weather be suitable for cross-country skiing?
2. I think I'll leave work early to go cross-country skiing.

Today I had to take a mental health break from Bizzaro World and go skiing. The picture is not from today, but rather was taken near my former home in Traverse City, MI. The amount and quality of snow are MUCH better there, and you have many wonderful trails to choose from. We have one city park here that has wooded trails, or you can take your chances at a golf course. Today's skiing in Indianapolis was a bit on the icy side because we had rain and sleet mixed in with our last snowfall, and barely enough snow to separate skis and bare earth. But a so-so day of skiing is still better than a good day at work.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Having a clear-out

So I was in a bad mood anyway, having been to the BMV and lacking a vital piece of documentation that they demanded. I returned home and started ripping through the file cabinets and the more I searched, the more determined I became. When the file cabinet failed to yield what I needed, I kicked it up a notch and started dumping out boxes of stuff. Now I am what some might call a pack-rat. Throwing stuff away causes anxiety (what if I need it later!?!). But I decided that I could probably pitch out old class notes from undergrad. I won't tell you how long I've had my notes for Intro to Astronomy, but the hand-outs were done on a mimeograph. There were un-used napkins from our wedding reception, 26.5 yrs ago. The contents of one box had not seen the light of day since 1991, the date on the newspapers used to wrap them up. The box had been through a total of 4 moves without being opened. I kept on dumping out boxes, sorting into piles and stacks of junk.

After about 5 hours of this, I called it a day. The back room looks like a tornado hit. And I never did find what I needed.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

a lifetime of pedaling

Anyone who knows me at all knows that bicycling is important to me. My thoughts are dominated by 1. When will the weather be suitable for bike riding? and
2. I think I'll leave work early to go bike riding.

This picture is of my first pedaling experience. I was too young in this picture for me to remember this particular day, but I am told that I would not stop riding long enough to eat supper. Also, my color preference has not changed-green. Both my current road and mountain bikes are green. However, I now stop for food.

I have a dear friend who is close to 80 yrs. of age and still riding regularly. I hope to be so fortunate.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

More random rants

1. Nike has designed athletic shoes specifically designed for Native Americans. Specifically, this shoe is for a foot that is wider than "average". However, this shoe will only be available only via tribal health departments on reservations. Hello? I need these shoes! My entire life has been spent with shoes that are too narrow and either my foot is squashed or it ends up extending past the side of the sole. At least now I know why.

2. Indiana ranks as one of the most depressed states in the union (Indianapolis Star, 11/28/07). I guess all my exercise, positive thinking, and light therapy (sitting next to windows as much as possible) didn't improve the statistic.

3. However, adult obesity has leveled off. Maybe my diet helped this statistic.

4. If you're going to exercise on a treadmill in a gym in the Indianapolis area while watching football, it would help your longevity even more if you didn't cheer when Peyton Manning throws an interception. The fact that you were sweating profusely minus the benefit of deodorant didn't make me feel any more charitable toward you.